About Us:

Rove is committed to quality. All of our products are made from solventless, pesticide-free, hemp derived CBD. We use 100% organically grown hemp CBD, sourced directly from our family of trusted farms. Our team of industry leaders is comprised of expert extractors, master cultivators and extraction and laboratory scientists. We’ve joined together on a mission to produce better, tastier, more honest hemp CBD products.

Our Process:

At Rove, we are passionate about our consumers well-being and are taking every step we can to ensure we bring only the highest quality products to our consumers. Rove puts our CBD hemp through the same stringent testing measures as our cannabis products, so you can rest assured you’re getting the same quality -- without the THC. And what’s more? All of our hemp CBD products boast the same LucidGREEN QR code as our cannabis products, so you can learn more about your product and where it came from. 

At Rove, we only work with trusted family farms who grow using organic growing techniques to ensure only the cleanest, highest quality raw materials are being used in our products. 


Want more information on your Rove Remedies CBD? Look for the testing results on the label.