Rove Does Hemp

We developed Rove Remedies CBD products through a genuine desire to provide you a high quality experience, with ZERO THC. Infused with only the highest quality hemp-derived CBD, our delicious drops are specially designed to taste as good as they look -- so you can focus on tackling anything that today might throw your way. 

Why Hemp CBD?

There are two major compounds found in the cannabis plant that you might have already heard about - CBD & THC. THC contains properties that when consumed will make the consumer feel “stoned” or “high”. CBD on the other hand, has ZERO psycho-active properties and will not give the consumer these feelings typically associated with consuming THC. Rove Remedies CBD products are for those that want the benefits of CBD with ZERO stress about feeling “high”.

Drop in, mellow out.

 Hemp CBD drops for everyday.


Inhale wellness, exhale stress.

 Solvent-free. THC-free. Stress-free.


Roll on, pain off.

 Easy to use roll-on for topical pain relief.

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